19.02.2021 - 02.04.2021
René Luckhardt

Flowers still live

Press release

Bernd Kugler is pleased to present new paintings by René Luckhardt. The artist wishes to accompany the exhibition with Anamorphic Statements.

Through anamorphosis I not only try to understand the world and its complexities, but to depict how I see and feel it.

I think that anamorphosis can give us a direct and immediate access to our inner being.

Doing work that the right perspective would ban.

Anamorphosis is not a decoration, it is a corrective.

Seeing one another, listening to one another (anamorphic or non-anamorphic) is how anamorphosis can help us to anamorph.

Anamorphosis can touch people deep inside, directly and purely – and at best, it lasts.

Like me, they should want to experience anamorphosis with every fiber of their bodies, to understand it for themselves, to save and preserve it.

Anamorphosis can find images for who we are, what we are at our core.

Without anamorphosis my work would not exist.